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Women of Egypt: Mariam and Sarah Nour Eddin

They make up over half the population of Egypt. Their opinions are as diverse as their locations. They go to school. They work, either in a job or by taking care of their families. They are fierce in their beliefs. They differ in background and in levels of education. They proudly share one thing – they are the women of Egypt.

Adel Heine

Leaving the shadow of the man

By Tom Dale Commissioned by UN Women to make a film about women in Egypt, Hanan Abdalla felt the need to tell a story with “a sense of responsibility to two worlds.” It is most important that such a film would speak accurately to an Egyptian audience, but it must also make sense to a Western …


Protesters support Samira Ibrahim on Egyptian Women’s Day

By Heba Fahmy CAIRO: Hundreds of protesters rallied Friday in front of the High Court in support of Samira Ibrahim, one of the activists who were subjected to the virginity tests while in detentions last year, marking Egyptian Women’s Day. Egypt’s military court acquitted Sunday conscript doctor Ahmed Adel, who was accused of conducting forced virginity …


Egyptian women honored for overcoming obstacles, barriers

By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef CAIRO: Mo’mena Badawy is a middle-aged woman who has been her family’s sole breadwinner since her husband was left crippled from an accident in 1993. Despite the social and financial hardships she faces daily, she manages to support her family, offering her children an education and providing them will all their needs. …


Egyptian protesters mark Women’s Day, chanting against SCAF and Islamists

By Safaa Abdoun and Dalia Rabie CAIRO: Hundreds marched from the Journalists’ Syndicate to the People’s Assembly Thursday to mark International Women’s Day, with chants mainly directed at the ruling military council and the dominant Islamist parliamentary blocs. Female and male protesters chanted against Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling Supreme Council of the …


Woman taxi driver breaks barriers in Egypt

By Aya Batrawy / AP CAIRO: It has all the trappings of an Egyptian taxi. The radio is usually tuned to the legendary singer Umm Kulthoum, whose robust voice is a favorite among cabbies. On the dashboard is a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. But startlingly, so are a stick of black eyeliner and lip gloss. Nadia …


Women’s groups to commemorate Int’l Women’s Day

By Mohamed Samir / Reuters CAIRO: A number of women’s rights groups are planning marches to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, downplaying a repeat of last year’s scenario when some men infiltrated the march and harassed the women. While Mozn Hassan, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies, a women’s rights-focused research organization, said that …


Egyptian women show off inspiring vocal skills

By Maha ElNabawi Over the past months, Egypt-US relations have been put on the line as a result of the arbitrary raid on pro-democracy NGOs, including mostly American-funded organizations. The clampdown has left a cloud of ambiguity over official bilateral relations. But meanwhile, in an effort to expand cross-cultural understanding between both nations while also empowering …


A single woman in Cairo: The new challenge

CAIRO: “People don’t consider that you are a human being, says 31-year-old Layla, beginning her ordeal of being a single female professional living on her own in Cairo. Since she graduated from the Faculty of Arts, she has been working in the development sector, commuting everyday from a small town close to Cairo. “This is …

Mariya Petkova

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