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‘Let them eat cake’, part 2

When Gouda Abdel Khalek was Minister of Supply in March of 2012 he made a very “novel” suggestion— not the good kind of novel. At the time, Egypt’s food subsidy programme supplies were woefully insufficient to feed the millions of Egyptians benefitting (in theory) from the assistance. With some governorates having no rice for distribution …

Iris Boutros

Euromoney: Ministry of Supply to procure up to 200,000 tonnes of wheat

Abu Shadi: We are determined to win the war on vendors’ inflated prices

The ministry will create the competition that forces vendors to sell for less
The ministry plans to complete 100 silos this fiscal year
Egypt awarded 7 silos, will issue tenders for 8 this month, and 10 next month
Rice exports are halted until sufficient amounts are secured for domestic consumption

Dahlia Kholaif

Food industry officials deny food security concerns

A supply ministry report submitted by Ouda forecasted that in 2013 Egypt would import around 9.4m tonnes of wheat, 7.3m tonnes of coarse grains, and 6.8m tonnes of rice, making the total imports for these products 23.4m tonnes: a 1.3% increase from 2012.

Sara Aggour

Reducing risks: Wheat supply in Egypt

  By Iris Boutros Wheat supply matters for Egypt’s food security. Production is high but demand is higher. Self-sufficiency in wheat is not a realistic goal given limits in water and land, as well as dismal agricultural investment levels. So, imports are high. Risks from both domestic and international wheat markets coupled with reduced purchasing …

Daily News Egypt

“Show me the Money…”

The longing for freedom, justice and access to the wealth usurped by its rulers was a major driver behind the popular uprising that toppled former president Mubarak in early 2011. The Guardian’s famed “$70 billion” estimate of Mubarak’s family wealth, as provided by Princeton professor Amaney Jamal, did much to arouse the sensation of a …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Op-ed Review: History repeats itself and wheat

One columnist recalls an incident in Egyptian history that resembles what happened and is still happening now. The other one is exploring the wheat issue and how Egypt can attain self-sufficiency. In the presence of Al-Gabarty Belal Fadl Al-Shorouk Newspaper “History teaches us that the poor have always been the strongest weapon, to which the …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Review: The media, Qatar and businessmen

One columnist addresses what he sees as flaws in the media, and another addresses current economic issues, including reconciliation with businessmen such as Sawiris and Ezz, and the issue of receiving money from Qatar. Four Subjects Dr Ahmed Khaled Tawfik Al-Tahrir newspaper Author Dr Ahmed Khaled Tawfik addressed the state of the media in his …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

Global wheat prices expected to soar

By Basma Tharwat The drought that recently hit the United States and Russia, the largest wheat exporters in the world, triggered fears of a global price rise of the strategic commodity. One of the world’s largest wheat importers, Egypt is expected to suffer greatly as a result. Noamany Nasr Noamany, Vice President of the General …

Daily News Egypt