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EGP 4.2bn annual losses due to poor wheat handling

Mousa said that estimated losses associated with non-human consumption are 670,000 tonnes, of which 500,000 tonnes represent losses in cow and buffalo feeding. This is in addition to 130,000 tonnes for sheep and goats, 28,000 tonnes for camels, and 12,000 tonnes for birds.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt aims to boost wheat self-sufficiency

Wheat represented the largest single subsidy expenditure after fuel price support, which was unexpectedly cut at the start of July, increasing the prices of car fuel and natural gas by more than 70% and driving up food prices by 20% according to economists.

Daily News Egypt

Egypt estimates local wheat crop at 9 million tonnes

Reuters – Egypt estimates its local wheat crop at 9 million tonnes, according to a state newspaper that cited a government report, lower than the 9.5 million tonnes the Agriculture Minister had predicted. Traders surveyed in a Reuters poll estimated this year’s crop at around 7 million tonnes, in line with the previous harvest. The …

Daily News Egypt