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Unemployment and terrorism in Egypt

I know I will not be the first or the last to write about the problem of unemployment in Egypt, but here, I will address in a few lines the disaster—not problem—of unemployment, which continues to snowball on a daily bases, causing frustration among the youth and their families every hour of every day. The …

Abdallah Al-Moghazy

The Unholy Trinity: terrorism, state terrorism and human rights

To understand the Egyptian Rubik’s Cube, your eyes must turn to the unholy trinity of terrorism, state terrorism, and systematic human rights abuses. Close examination of each arena reveals an Egyptian Body Politic in desperate need of remedy but heading downhill with meteoric speed. Attacks on Egyptian non-governmental organisations are at an all-time crescendo, attacks …

Amr Khalifa

Brussels pays the price

Muslims in Europe are always charged with every terrorist incident occurring in Europe, even before conducting any investigation. As I wrote before: “You are paying the price for our politicians’ errors”. My first point is, a terrorism tree grows only in a forest of extremism. Those who fight terrorism, excluding extremism, will lose both battles. …

The age of panic

A country faces terrorism and economic problems. A country faces difficulties in education, health, transportation, inflation of prices and currency devaluation – a country where a policeman killed a taxi driver a few days ago because of a dispute over a fare. This same country sees the deaths of dozens of martyrs on its borders …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem