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How does Sisi control the reins?

Within the “1952” – or “army” – family, power is transferred from president to president when the regime arrives at a crisis. For this reason, a new president must confront the causes that led to the crisis without sacrificing the constants of the regime. In other words, the new president must be seen to redraw …

Farid Zahran

How is power transferred within the ‘1952 family’?

Every dynasty across history is characterised and distinguished by certain attributes, and the ‘1952 family’ is no exception. One of the most important characteristics of any dynasty is the power-transferral method, and we will notice in this regard that in most dynasties throughout history there are mechanisms for transferring power from an emperor, king, or …

Farid Zahran

From New York with Love to Sisi

By Amr Khalifa Sometime last week, on the Ismailiyia-Cairo highway, there was a man hung by rope from a billboard. Painful, but precise, the image rendered an imperfect Egyptian economic/political landscape. That postcard of desperation was the furthest thing from the minds of Sisi supporters at the other end of the world at the UN. …

Daily News Egypt

Does Sisi have a political vision?

We have explained more than once that Sisi’s rule was founded on two main forces: first, the army, and the second, strong public support. Before moving on from this point, we must make it clear that the army does not provide exclusive security or control for Sisi in particular or the regime in general, despite …

Farid Zahran

Will the Muslim Brotherhood resurface under new umbrella?

Ever since the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood, a looming question has been raised: will the group return to political life under a new umbrella? The Brotherhood has been facing the most serious ordeal in its 86 year-old history that had already witnessed several ups and downs. It has been speculated that the leaders outside …

Marwa Al-A'sar

How does Al-Sisi expand the scope of his supporters?

In our previous article, we explained how President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi began his journey to power, claiming that his rise was based on two main forces: first, the armed forces, and second, the pro-Al-Sisi mood that has considered him to be the most capable person to provide security and stability after removing the Muslim Brotherhood. …

Farid Zahran

How uncertainty managed to negatively affect the Egyptian economy

By Mohammed Nosseir Egypt is in need of a coherent economic vision complemented by explicit economic policies. Undermining both, or using economic initiatives as substitutes and surprising citizens with an assortment of mega investment projects (even if they are beneficial) will not do our country any good. In a very short period, Al-Sisi has managed …

Daily News Egypt

What are the forces that underpin Al-Sisi’s management of the country?

It is now clear, to all those concerned, that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi does not depend on political parties or forces in his administration of the country’s affairs. He has been clear and careful in emphasising this since he was elected into the presidency. Although he was trying to win support from various factions during …

Farid Zahran

Money talks

By Philip Whitfield Sing along: Money, money, money must be funny in the rich man’s world. Money, money, money: always sunny in the rich man’s world. ABBA’s chart-topper. Here’s the 64-million-dollar question: Where will the money come from to save Egypt? A clue: The man with the plan worked his wizardry in China, Russia, South …

Daily News Egypt