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The 2014 Egyptian Constitution: Without accountability, checks or balances: Part II

The following is the second of a two part article by the Arab Reform Initiative, an independent research network, concerning the 2014 constitution’s treatment of human rights and the separation of powers in the government. The first part, published yesterday, addressed the constitution’s articles concerning the military and security apparatus. The second part, below, deals …

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Egyptian autocrats struggle with football’s political pros and cons

By James M. Dorsey An Egyptian government initiative to build more than a thousand new football pitches to “keep youth off the streets” against the backdrop of a rising number of clashes between fans and security forces and a likely extension and expansion of the ban on spectators attending matches highlights the opportunities and threats …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt bourse retreats on political uncertainty

Reuters – Egypt’s bourse retreated because of uncertainty over the timing of a hoped-for presidential bid by Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. An  official government source said Sisi would keep his post as defence minister in a new government that is being formed after the old one unexpectedly resigned on Monday. Mohamed Radwan, director of …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt army meets on Sisi presidential bid: state media

AFP – Egypt’s top army command discussed a possible presidential bid by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at a meeting on Monday, state media reported. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces “is meeting to discuss developments on the security front, especially in northern Sinai, in addition to looking into other matters including the peoples’ …

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