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The Arab Spring: An implosion of historic proportions

By Ralph F Georgy When the Egyptian people rose, in what can only be described as a spontaneous and unprecedented show of collective displeasure with the status quo ante, to remove a dictator from power, the world witnessed the unmediated power of freedom emerging from centuries of control and manipulation. This power, densely compact and …

Daily News Egypt

When was the army outside of the political game in Egypt?

Those who say that what happened on 30 June was a popular revolution supported by the army do not deny that it was the main reason behind the achievement of their goal in overthrowing Morsi, just like it was on 25 January in overthrowing Mubarak. Like Mubarak, Morsi has supporters who believe that he is …

Farid Zahran

The murky waters of June 30, part 3:Old players and new games

As we move ahead as a nation with a new transition plan, it’s important to note who is and who isn’t a player in this new phase, and where they fall in this new state order. People who are out of the stage of influence are both the Muslim Brotherhood and the independent Jan 25 …

Mahmoud Salem

How we create Gods

Three weeks have passed since the Egyptian army’s commander-in-chief Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi made his very impressive and deservingly historic speech announcing the ouster of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency. Those three weeks saw many developments: politically, economically and even socially. Among these developments is an unmistakable and blatantly obvious increase in the army’s popularity. It …

Ziad A. Akl

What happened on 30 June?

I would have liked to answer the question: “where is Egypt going after 30 June?” but I discovered that I have to first explain what happened on 30 June. We have to put aside what is being said about a military coup, since facts confirm the size of public participation on 30 June. The second …

Farid Zahran


In Pictures: Walls of Freedom documents Egyptian street art

Walls of Freedom, an upcoming book co-edited by Basma Hamdy and Don Karl, documents the rise of graffiti as a prominent platform for expression during the recent period in Egypt. The Daily News Egypt spoke to Hamdy about her work that chronicles this ever-changing art form, and the many projects and initiatives inspired by Egyptian …

Thoraia Abou Bakr

The murky waters of 30 June part 2: On revolutionary depression

The June 30 revolutionary alliance is made of very strange bedfellows and its reaction to the events that have transpired since reflects its inherent contradictions. The newbie revolutionaries (Independents) are more than ecstatic due their success and are acquiring an ego that rivals those of the Jan 25’s; the social conservatives are jubilant for the …

Mahmoud Salem

First the push, then the pull

Economies, like relationships, require a good feeling. The best relationships draw you in, and you really enjoy the happiness and value  you get from them. Less good ones can drive you away, and while you get something out of them, you are not very drawn into them. Economies are kind of like that. Some pull …

Iris Boutros

The Cabinet dilemma

The newly appointed Egyptian prime minister is currently undergoing the most difficult part of his job: forming the Cabinet. Hazem El-Beblawi was not the choice of the Egyptian youth. Close to 77 years old, he is far from the young visionary or the “revolutionary” that the predominantly youthful nation yearned for. When state-owned agencies broke …

Sara Abou Bakr


By Dr Mohamed Fouad The following is not for the faint hearted, the revolutionary buffs, the hopeless romantics and the easily agitated ones. You need to “marinate” on these thoughts a bit in order for them to sink in, or not. During the famed 18 days in 2011, I sat with a tenured and experienced …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Split second

By Philip Whitfield Was it a coup d’etat, half a coup, coup-lite or just plain old martial law? The top brass gave Morsi just enough rope to hang himself to execute their mission: divide and rule. Not so fast, say some. It’s our revolution, not theirs. If you want to pray the worldwide court of …

Daily News Egypt

The winding path of Egypt’s revolution

By Dr Brecht De Smet There are many ways to interpret the 30 June protests and former president Mohamed Morsi’s exit. From a formal democratic perspective, the military intervention constituted a coup against a legitimate president. From the viewpoint of secularism, the fall of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood signals the end of Islamist encroachment. …

Daily News Egypt

Thus spoke the Egyptians: Why is it not a coup?

When we celebrated the end of Mubarak’s rule on 11 February 2011, we did not expect to do it again two and a half years later. This is not one of the articles that talk about how great the Egyptian people are, and start taking you in an endless journey through historical achievements that date …

Ziad A. Akl

Managing editor Rana Allam

A not-so-silent majority

Back in 25 January 2011, the revolutionaries who started the uprising were later joined by the Muslim Brotherhood, who contributed in relatively increasing the number of protesters. But what made all the difference was the participation of what is called “the silent bloc;” after that, the number of people on the streets soared and the …

Rana Allam