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After the Constitution: Have we Really Achieved Stability?

rid The referendum was passed with nearly 64% of the electorate voting “Yes,” in two rounds of voting that possessed its fair share of violations, rigging and fraud. Those who did vote “No,” were not just saying no to the referendum itself, but also to the larger Muslim Brotherhood franchise. With regards to those who …

Fady Salah

A Year in Review: Constitutional mazes

For the past two years whoever has been in power in Egypt has taken it upon themselves to issue constitutional decrees in order to right the wrongs of previous decrees. Predictably, this plunged the country into constitutional chaos.

Liliana Mihaila

Managing editor Rana Allam

Shine on you crazy…backside?

And now, the row begins over Yasser Borhami’s leaked video, where he is trying to sell the “Yes to the constitution” idea to a group of his bearded fellows. In the video, Borhami, a Salafi Sheikh from Alexandria, discusses how he managed to include certain words in Article 219 of the constitution, which would enable …

Fady Salah

Morsy’s ghost

Morsy’s in an invidious spot. If he tries being a healing president he’s toast with the Muslim Brotherhood. If he’s arbitrarily Procrustean, he’s dead meat with the rest.

Fady Salah

Review: Columnists warn from growing polarisation

After voters had queued up to cast their votes in the second stage of the controversial constitutional referendum on Saturday, many columnists condemned the growing polarization pervading Egyptian society today. Instead of uniting Egyptians, the constitution crisis has pitted citizens against each other according to their political and religious inclinations. Op-ed columnists explored this growing …

Fady Salah