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Will Al-Sisi reproduce the Mubarak regime?

Mubarak’s regime entered into decline when contradiction and conflict reached their peak among the ruling class and junta, as with what happened previously within the 1952 family. The contradictions and conflicts were the main motivation behind the transition from one president to another. This issue reflected primarily on the ruling class’ movement toward saving their …

Farid Zahran

The counterrevolution has ruled: ANHRI lawyer

“Mubarak’s lackeys may have won this round but they didn’t win the fight. 25 January is still on. I am furious but not surprised. The counter-revolution has ruled,” said Gamal Eid, a lawyer at the Arab Network for Human Rights Information following Hosni Mubarak’s dismissal from charges of killing protesters. In June 2012, Mubarak and …

Aya Nader

How does Sisi control the reins?

Within the “1952” – or “army” – family, power is transferred from president to president when the regime arrives at a crisis. For this reason, a new president must confront the causes that led to the crisis without sacrificing the constants of the regime. In other words, the new president must be seen to redraw …

Farid Zahran

How is power transferred within the ‘1952 family’?

Every dynasty across history is characterised and distinguished by certain attributes, and the ‘1952 family’ is no exception. One of the most important characteristics of any dynasty is the power-transferral method, and we will notice in this regard that in most dynasties throughout history there are mechanisms for transferring power from an emperor, king, or …

Farid Zahran

Sisi’s plan: New print of the same edition?

We must begin with the questions that concluded my last article: Is Al-Sisi building a vision? Can we predict this vision based on his current positions? What are the resemblances between this vision and that of former president Gamal Abdel Nasser? Before we try to answer these questions, we must keep in mind Al-Sisi’s performance …

Farid Zahran

Should Egypt be governed by majority rule or by rule of law?

By Mohammed Nosseir The term ‘majority’ could be a very pleasant one, used to refer to a segment of any given society. In reality, rulers and citizens tend to commit a number of mistakes based on a false assumption known as ‘majority rule’. This is what has been happening in our attempt to develop a …

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