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The growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood

Last week cannot be called anything other than a big mess. Ever since the Brotherhood took office, we have been reaping one misfortune after the other. From political exclusion to cracking down on freedom of speech, regular power cuts to tragic train accidents, blatant lies about achievements to outright hate speech and from false electoral …

Fady Salah

Fasten your seat belts please

The mood was tense last Thursday as anti-Islamist protesters continued their sit-in in Tahrir Square, demanding that President Mohammed Morsy annul the constitutional declaration he had issued a week before. Liberals and leftists had all come together to adopt a common stance: “No to absolute powers for the president.”They vowed to continue their sit-in until …

Shahira Amin

Morsy’s stepchildren

By Nervana Mahmoud They went out in the thousands; Egyptians from every walk of life and almost all political affiliations protested in Tahrir against President Morsy’s latest decree and the draft of the new constitution. However, they were not the only ones protesting. Islamist groups, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, protested too, but …

Fady Salah

A dictator by any other name

As social fissures deepen and clouds of bellicosity darken the skies of Egypt, threatening a deluge of violence, Morsy’s dismissive attitude reveals his once-masked dictatorial disposition. In his interview on Egyptian National Television, Morsy’s spoke in the tone of the patriarch, the father to all Egyptians, a tone quite reminiscent of his ousted predecessor. “Those …

Fady Salah

Review: Overstepping the mark

President Mohamed Morsy may have overstepped the mark in his latest act of brinkmanship according to two columnists. Qandil says it is on Morsy to turn the situation and reminds readers that the Muslim Brotherhood is preferable to the feloul. Salmawi points out that the reaction to Morsy’s declaration is the most unified the country …

Fady Salah

The social isolation of Ikhwan

The Muslim Brotherhood announced a few days ago that they will protest on Tuesday in support of Morsy’s latest decree in Abdeen Square. Residents of Abdeen area hung up a banner reading, “Ikhwan not welcome.” The Brotherhood moved the protest to the vicinity of Cairo University. The students on social media outlets promised them a …

Fady Salah

Has the Muslim Brotherhood entered a new stage?

The process of Al-Tamkin is a phrase often used by Islamists, that can be traced back to the time of the Prophet (PBUH), which, according to various biographies, consists of two phases. The first phase is Istada’af, (subjugation); Muslims during the time of the Prophet (PBUH) were often persecuted, and therefore often hid the fact …

Fady Salah

Review: Commentators still busy with Morsy’s new declaration

Columnists are still debating the newly-announced constitutional declaration, with at least one writer labelling President Mohamed Morsy’s announcement delusional.     Dismissing the illusions Amr Hamzawy Al-Watan Newspaper Hamzawy offers President Morsy some advice. He advises him that the current crisis over his “tyrannical” declaration will not be resolved by him issuing a simple explanation. …

Fady Salah