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The rights of the martyrs

As the first anniversary of the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud approaches, my social media timelines are bombarded with the images of the martyrs who died there and how we should never forget until we get back their rights. As the pictures and the names keep rolling in, it becomes impossible to distinguish the faces and …

Mahmoud Salem

Review: The speech at the stadium

 Following the high-profile celebration of the 6 October victory in Cairo Stadium, at which President Morsy gave a lengthy speech, columnists discussed, analysed and critiqued the speech and the indications it relays. Reactions varied from praise, to admiration of political astuteness, to outright attack.   The stadium speech… a provisional analysis Nader Bakkar Al-Watan Judging …

Daily News Egypt

Remembering Ahmed Basiouny

By Mariam Hamdy For the first time in my career covering Egypt’s art scene, I can take pride in having known an artist who lived and died for his country. Ahmed Basiouny, 31, visual and multimedia artist, musician and teacher at the Faculty of Art Education at Helwan University, was killed during protests on the “Friday …


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