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Hamas: the legitimacy of resistance

Once again as Israeli elections come closer, Israel politically campaigns by attacking Gaza, this time killing the head of Al-Qassam Brigades’ Ahmad Al-Jabari who was a popular and respected figure in the Gaza Strip. By this move that killed three Palestinians, Israel has breached the cease-fire that was sponsored by Egypt. The Zionist state has …

Fady Salah

Haggling over Gaza

By Nervana Mahmoud Frantic diplomatic efforts are ongoing in Cairo and all the major Palestinian players are involved: Hamas; Khaled Meshaal; Moussa Abu-Marzook; Islamic Jihad; Ramadan Shalah; Fatah; and Nabil Shaath. Israel’s Channel Two television station has announced that an Israeli envoy is also heading to Cairo.  That is in addition to the big three …

Fady Salah

Amadi told AFP that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi assured him that there shouldn't be any difficulties for bringing construction materials and equipments into Gaza for a reconstruction project. (AFP Photo/ Mahmud Hams)

Qatar to channel goods via Egypt to rebuild Gaza

Despite their ideological closeness, ties between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and Morsy’s Islamist administration have recently been strained following a deadly attack on Egyptian troops in Sinai which prompted Cairo to demolish scores of Gaza smuggling tunnels.

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