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The new Greek reform package explained

Greek lawmakers have voted to overhaul the country’s tax and pension systems. The reforms are deeply unpopular, as Athens will be reaching deeper into the pockets of ordinary Greeks. Here’s a look at what got passed.

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Shut off from the Balkan route, asylum seekers flood into Athens

Athens has become the new center of Europe’s migration crisis after receiving more than 2,300 asylum seekers in the space of two days. They had been evicted from the Macedonian border on Wednesday. The mass relocation, coupled with a daily flow of new arrivals from the Greek islands, has left humanitarian aid workers scrambling for space and supplies to house an unprecedented influx of people to the capital

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Greece braces for next general strike

As thousands of Greek pensioners demonstrated in central Athens on Thursday against cuts demanded under an international bailout, the public sector union called its second nationwide anti-austerity strike in under a month

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In Pictures: Syrian refugees’ transit in Greece

By Maydaa Abo El-Nadar Due to its geographical position, Greece is one of the countries in the middle of the Syrian refugees’ crisis.  Athens is the refugees’ lifeline to reach other countries that welcome them, such as Germany. Their journey to Athens starts mainly from Turkey passing through the Greek islands including Lesvos, Chios, Samos, …

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