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GDP to grow by 5.9% in 2022

A report issued by Statista expected Egypt’s GDP to grow by 4.4% this year, up from 4.1% in 2017. According to the report, the country’s GDP growth rate will grow strongly in 2019 at 5.3%, then by 5.76% in 2020 compared to 2019. According to the report, GDP will grow further in 2021. The market …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Economic experts view Egypt’s economy in 2018 with cautious optimism 

For most of the last decade, Egypt has been squeezed between turbulence and uncertainty, and a deteriorating economy. Various challenges had to be addressed,  from political unrest and declining tourism to foreign currency and fuel shortages. To correct these structural issues within the economy, the Egyptian authorities adopted an economic reform programme in 2016. Consequently, …

Mohamed Samir

5.2% GDP growth in Q1 2017: minister of planning

Minister of Planning Hala Al-Saeed announced, at a Wednesday press conference, that Egypt’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth registered 5.2% in the first quarter (Q1) of fiscal year (FY) 2017/18. Al-Saeed explained that GDP is on a growth path due to the fact that an approximately 3% increase in investment inflows was achieved during the …

Mohamed Samir

Political complexities

The local and international relations between different political forces are always controlled by power centres. States are no longer the only international political entities; today, large corporations and international non-governmental organisations—usually backed by powerful countries—also have international influence because of their huge financial capabilities, some of which easily exceed numerous countries’ budgets and GDPs. This …

Sherif Rizq