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Is there no other alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It has been repeated many times in recent months that there exists no alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of selecting a group capable and organised enough to rule Egypt. Other organisations, it has been claimed, lack unity, do not have enough popular political support, or have no clear vision for a political platform. …

Farid Zahran

A daunting mission: Getting back Egypt’s stolen assets

Over the course of Hosni Mubarak’s rule, the illicit outflow of funds from Egypt are estimated at $132bn. After the January 2011 Revolution, countries such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom have been asked to freeze and repatriate Egypt’s stolen wealth. However, many legal, political and financial hindrances stand in the way. Daily News Egypt examines these hurdles and the efforts the Egyptian and foreign governments have exerted in order to recover these lost assets.

Sarah El Masry

Economy key to Mubarak son presidency bid

By Hamza Hendawi/ AP CAIRO: Though he still delivers a speech like an aloof corporate executive announcing quarterly profits, the son and presumptive heir of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is busy remolding his image into a populist who can deliver prosperity for the struggling population in this key US ally. Gamal Mubarak, 46, may have made …


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