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CIC launches Hydrarchy

Instead, most of recorded history takes place on land, at least in our minds. Lands are the place where most of history is concentrated but the sea has been monumental in shaping modern history.

Daily News Egypt

Exhibition gives attention to art of children’s book illustrations

Mashrabia gallery in Downtown Cairo is currently exhibiting Sahar Abdallah’s illustrations from her newly-released children’s book, A Picture and a Book. The gallery features the book’s illustrations in their full glory, accompanied with captions and descriptions. The book may be aimed at children, but the exhibition is for everyone. Abdallah studied at Helwan Univeristy and …

Daily News Egypt

Chilean culture week opens in Cairo

The works were all representative of the artists’ native Chile in one way or another, often reflecting both the nature and people of Chile. In addition to the artworks exhibited in Cairo, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has also received 13 works in a notable ceremony that will be permanently on display there.

Daily News Egypt

Shakhabeet exhibition is charm on display

The exhibition itself offers a nostalgic insight into the minds of children with some being endearingly childish and simple and others surprisingly sophisticated. One of the drawings portrayed a grotesque male face that was almost disturbing, but excellent nonetheless, by a 12 year-old budding artist.

Daily News Egypt