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Nile Cooperation akin to teamwork in sports

For any football team, you have the goal keeper, defenders, midfielders, strikers, and the coach. These entities blend together so as to secure victory for their team. Separately, they would achieve nothing, for it is through team work (cooperation) that the eleven players can face their opponents (challenges) and win. The players are organised into …

John Rao Nyaoro

Food for thought on hunger

Climate change, a growing population and food market speculation mean in the future it will be more difficult to feed the world. How can we make sure everyone has enough to eat in an age of global interdependence?

Deutsche Welle

A general view of Egypt's High Dam in Aswan (AFP Photo)

Will the High Dam be turned into a wall

This article is addressed to the Minister of Irrigation. Al-Watan newspaper recently published disturbing news about a statement made by Sudan’s advisor to the minister of water resources, Ahmed Mohamed Adam, in which he said the High Dam will lose its value and become no more than a wall. In it, he stressed the importance …