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Next generation Brotherhood

It is no secret that the current political events in Egypt are dealing the Muslim Brotherhood perhaps the biggest blow in their 85 year history. I would dare say that this is much more severe than the assassination of Hassan Al-Banna or the execution of Sayyid Qutb. The organisation, which has historically endured oppression from …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Erdogan falters as society advances

By Lewis King The recent political upheaval across Turkey has generated an unprecedented volume of media coverage that has drawn international attention to the underlying social and ideological differences that divide Turkish society and politics. Many actors emphasise this ideological divide in order to galvanise their bases, thus ensuring that these divisions continue to play …

Daily News Egypt

Turkey, the Arab world, and the myth of moderate Islamism

By Nervana Mahmoud For years, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was generally considered an example of “moderate Islamism”, a loose label that was generally based on a comparison with other Islamist dictatorships, like Iran, or with the various semi-secular autocratic regimes that dot the Arab and Muslim world. There was never a comparison with a …

Daily News Egypt

Editor’s letter: Is a Turkish model what we really want?

A few days ago I had conversation with my Turkish friend, a Middle East researcher, about the Egyptian revolution and how a “Turkish model” is overrated in the eyes of Egyptians. It is often suggested that Egypt should follow Turkey’s “successful” path. Those who argue this often base their case on selective facts and simplistic …

Maher Hamoud

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