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Lessons learned from 25 January

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, the greatest thing that Egyptians came together, even if some people hate this. Irrespective of the attempts of some to undermine it, or compare it to other incidents, the effect that the revolution left on Egyptians cannot be compared to that of any other incident. …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

Egyptians disappear, Egypt disintegrates

By Wael Eskandar Nabil Elboustany was on his way to Sinai on 6 October to meet his brother Tarek for vacation. At a checkpoint just outside Sharm El-Sheikh, the police performed a background check on Nabil and found him on their system due to an old case that included trumped up charges of which he …

Daily News Egypt

Why Egyptians repeatedly end up with mediocre governments

If you are a scientifically renowned Egyptian citizen harbouring great ambitions for your country with a desire to see it progress faster, please keep your knowledge and ambitions to yourself. The government is not interested in your contribution; Egypt has always been governed by an insentient state that will never be capable of taking notice …

Mohammed Nosseir

Notes from America: General Al-Sisi brought out the worst of Egyptians

By Ahmed Tharwat French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) said: “In democracy we get the government we deserve.” He was, of course, talking about true representative democracy that produces leaders the people want and choose. The assumption here, however, is that people know what is good for them and they chose freely. The French philosopher was right …

Daily News Egypt

Why do Egyptians value authoritarianism?

By Mohammed Nosseir While authoritarianism may be perceived by many as hereditary in Egyptian DNA, it is in reality a mechanism of rule that has been forced upon its citizens for centuries in a determined effort to get rid of any attempt to establish genuine democracy (such as the 25 January Revolution). The challenge we Egyptians …

Daily News Egypt

Can the security strategy performance for confronting extremism be improved?

The higher strata of the middle class, with society’s higher authority, insist on supporting the security strategy for confronting terrorism and extremism. On the one hand, they fear that using any other strategy may detract from the luxury they enjoy. On the other hand, they do not feel any direct harm from the security’s subjugation …

Farid Zahran