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Philip Whitfield Brave reporting by Hamza Hendawi. His Associated Press copy from Dalga makes your blood boil. Morsi supporters are ethnically cleansing Christians in a town a hop skip and a jump from Tahrir Square. The police stand idly by while 20,000 Christian homes and businesses are torched. An Orthodox priest’s house is burned down. …

Daily News Egypt

Personal loans increase as inflation and price of goods rise

The value of personal loans made in November 2012 increased by EGP 900m from the month of October. The total value of loans in local currency was EGP 111.2bn for the month of November 2012, as opposed to EGP 110.2bn in October 2012. During the same period, loans made in foreign currency increased from EGP …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt: Banks attracting Gulf investors

  By Robert Tashima Despite an uncertain political climate and a sluggish economic recovery, the long-term prospects of Egyptian banks are attracting attention from their Gulf counterparts. Two recently announced acquisitions have brought the sector back into the headlines on a positive note, helping offset a recent ratings downgrade. While the transactions also represent the …

Daily News Egypt

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