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What is the stance of the democratic entities regarding Al-Sisi’s nomination?

The democratic entities are currently being bombarded with many questions concerning Al-Sisi’s nomination.  The questions’ purposes are not answers, but rather denunciation. They are asking: “Will you dare object to Al-Sisi’s nomination?” The weird irony is that Al-Sisi hasn’t even announced his nomination yet. In addition, the available statements for him do not confirm that …

Farid Zahran

Working on the ground – Part 3

In the previous article, I explored some of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party’s attempts at working on the ground. In this article, I will discuss some of the party’s promotional activities for the constitution. The party discussed voting in the constitutional referendum for about a month, and after both groups (pro and against the new …

Farid Zahran

The ‘democracy’ that was

“Egypt needs to revert back to the democratic path,” is a common line thrown in our faces from every Tom, Dick and Harry across the world.  Egypt’s leaders diplomatically respond with the roadmap of election, constitution drafting and the rest of the plan they have in mind. Being on the ground, dealing day-to-day with that …

Rana Allam

Boxed in

By Philip Whitfield What’s up? In the media Egypt is fixated with wrangling, fighting and shooting. When you go out people are shopping, mixing and fasting. How much would you give to keep it that way? A million bucks? $29.95 is a steal. Karima Bennoune takes us on an eye-opener. Bennoune is a professor of …

Daily News Egypt

Moving Egypt back to the democratic path

By Catherine Ashton Even in a country as turbulent as Egypt is today, some traditions transcend the sharpest divisions and provide brief periods of calm. Last week, on my drive into Cairo we saw very few cars. The city’s legendary traffic jams had disappeared. It was just after dusk. People were at home with their …

Daily News Egypt

Egypt in another transition, what to expect this time?

Indeed, Egyptian people together with the Egyptian state have proved to be much more interesting than the majority would have thought. What happened in the beginning of July was surprising to so many people around the world and once more, to Egyptians themselves. A week ago we were busy debating terminology and whether what happened …

Ziad A. Akl

Morsi and the erosion of legitimacy

These days, where rhetoric runs high and adrenaline runs even higher, it is worth taking a step back to take a look at things with a cooler head. Having said this, it is worth taking the news with a grain of salt. The latest chatter to have become widely accepted as fact surrounds the mandate …

Dr Mohamed Fouad