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Al- Karama Party launches Ramadan cultural salon

By Youssef Aziz Each Thursday during Ramadan, Al-Karama Party will welcome guests to its Dokki headquarters for a cultural salon featuring Egyptian artists. “Our party is not all about politics,” said Tarek Said, head of Al Karama’s press office. “Any party should be involved in cultural and social issue due to the diversity of the …

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Handcrafting Ramadan

  Sunrays filter through rows of glass Ramadan lanterns, spraying colour over the narrow alley in Al-Darb Al-Ahmar. People view the displayed lanterns with admiration as they walk by, but only a few negotiations with shop owners end in a sale. Using Lanterns in Ramadan celebrations is a tradition that goes back to the Fatimid …

Marwa Morgan


Hosted by the dead

Situated in one of the oldest, poorest and busiest areas in Cairo is the district of the Seven Churches. Built around the ruins of the Babylon Fortress, this district is believed to be the place where the holy family walked during their refuge in Egypt. Serpentine narrow alleys, lined with old, white stones walls and …

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