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Overtime for Paris climate conference

After negotiations on a global climate agreement hit a wall early on Friday morning, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, presiding over the event, postponed the release of a new text to Saturday

Deutsche Welle

Paris needs to take the “climate” out of “climate aid”

One of the things we are hearing more and more about here in Paris is so-called “climate aid”. There has been a huge push from climate NGOs to convince rich countries to spend a fortune to help poor countries adjust to global warming. This term is a catch-all for money being given from rich countries …

Bjorn Lomborg

Joining forces to meet the challenge of climate change

By James Moran, EU Ambassador in Egypt Climate action day was on 17 June. Voltaire said “Men argue. Nature acts.” When it comes to climate change, now more than ever we need to take a leaf out of nature’s book and act together. The international community is working for a new global climate deal in …

Daily News Egypt

Climate change, diminishing of conventional energy, and economy growth

By Eng. Hisham Farouk Mostafa In 2001, the German government greeted delegates from all over the world to Bonn in the first conference discussing climate change and the diminishing of conventional energy sources. A series of summits have since been held globally and based on the Kyoto protocol, signed in 1997. That human activity is the …

Daily News Egypt