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Sky-high protectionism?

By Jean Pisani-Ferry BRUSSELS: A new controversy has emerged between the European Union and several of its main trade partners since the EU decided to include in its CO2 emission-control scheme all flights to and from its territory, including transcontinental flights. Airlines will need to acquire emission permits for their flights’ CO2 emissions. China and the …


‘Low-carbon economy’ presents early escape from darker future

By Amir Makar CAIRO: A future of water scarcity, flooding, and desertification, especially in the already vulnerable Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, could be avoided with a switch to low carbon economy, economist Dirk Messner argued. “[This] is not an environmental challenge, but a development one,” said Messner, also the director of the German …


Carbon emissions’ friendly skies

By José Maria Figueres SAN JOSÉ: It was once said of the battle to fight climate change that there is no silver bullet — there is only silver buckshot. But, while political leaders have been loaded for bear when it comes to many industries, they have thus far been unable or unwilling to take aim at …


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