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Belly Dance in Egypt

Belly dancing is one of the most fascinating styles of dance in Egypt. Cairo is known as the global capital of belly dancing. Following the increasing appearance of foreign belly dancers in Egypt’s nightclubs and casinos, the Daily News Egypt looks at the belly dancing industry in Egypt and learns about the different techniques and styles of belly dancing. Considering the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Egyptian politics, some are concerned that belly dancing might become more restricted in Egypt. Belly dancers, though, have faith that their profession will continue to grow.

Ethar Shalaby

Contemporary art set to take over Downtown

The second edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) starts on Thursday 4 April. For 24 days Downtown Cairo will be filled with performances, screenings, workshops, exhibitions and more. We spoke to Ahmed El Attar, the artistic director of D-CAF.

Adel Heine

Review: Op-eds look at destroying sculptures and torture cases

Commentaries in different Egyptian newspapers have explored an assortment of topics concerning developments in the political scene. Some writers condemned the recent Islamist attacks on historic statues located inside the Japanese garden of Helwan, recalling the earlier destruction of Taha Hussein’s and Om Kolthoum’s statues. On another note, some columnists have compared the death cases …

Daily News Egypt