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Bloody September

September has been a month that has witnessed heinous crimes against humanity that claimed scores of lives in many dispersed parts of the world. From the All Saints church bomb in Peshawar to the roadside attacks in Northeast Nigeria, to the suicide bombings in Baghdad, to the atrocious Westgate Mall siege in Kenya to the …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

Bloody cuts

By Philip Whitfield If you twitch a nostril near a cop in Cairo, you risk being beaten up, arrested, thrown in jail, raped, held in isolation and sentenced to five years’ hard labour. If you kidnap a military patrol in the Sinai, tie up thousands of troops in tanks, armoured personnel carriers and helicopters for …

Daily News Egypt

The Secret to Reviving the Arab Spring’s Promise: Property Rights

By Hernando De Soto The protests that toppled governments were fueled by anger over the lack of a basic element in market economies Al Qaeda is resurgent in Mali, Algeria and beyond. Violent turmoil and anti-Western hostility are rising in the Middle East and North Africa. Two years after the Arab Spring, it would be easy …

Daily News Egypt