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DnD celebrates youth and fun

In one grand factory, works a team of outstanding ladies that share genuine love for fashion and life. To these sisters, garments could be a celebration of life and freedom. Each piece they come in contact with automatically becomes a part of their aura. Thus, out of this factory and their unique take on fashion …

Daily News Egypt

DASH beauty conference resets the beauty industry in Egypt

For one day the mighty Pyramids were the ultimate destination for tens of females who appreciate and admire beauty. The young and aspiring Dina Dash invaded all social-media platforms weeks earlier as she announced the first beauty conference in Egypt. The massive campaign included many well-known influencers, make-up artists and bloggers, which only attracted a …

Nayera Yasser


In Pictures: Camera captures glorious traffic in the sky

  Away from the crowdedness and the rush of the city, pure nature can be discovered in its glorious beauty by gazing up at the stars in the sky. Being able to see crystal clear stars is nearly impossible in Cairo due to air pollution and black clouds. But only 150 km away from Cairo, …

Daily News Egypt

Inkrypt: Stepping into colour bonds

“They are little pieces of art that break my heart to part with, but it makes me happy knowing that the person wearing them will smile every time they look down at their feet,” says designer

Nayera Yasser

Doctors face possible national threat

During a shift that started like any other, Dr Mina Nabil, an intensive care and anaesthesia doctor, received a phone call at 4pm, informing him of a critically ill patient suffering from a dangerously high temperature and breathing difficulties

Nayera Yasser

Nine reasons Germany is an e-car nightmare

Germany is not only eco-friendly – it's also a car-making country. Although you'd think that would make it heaven for use of electric cars, Germany is way behind. DW reporters share results of a real-world test. Germany is known for its cars: Porsche, BMW and no speed limit on the Autobahn. But if you want to be eco-conscious and drive…

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