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Border: observing the moral crumbling of human civilisation

The makeup artist in the film successfully played a great role, in drawing a picture of the female protagonist’s wide forehead and nose, visible body hair,  prominent teeth, things that characterised her as a ‘weird’ person, if compared with ‘mainstream’ looks of other human beings.

Adham Youssef

World Cinema Fund takes part in Around World in 14 Films Festival

For many years, the Berlin International Film Festival, also called Berlinale, has extended its presence beyond the festival season with specially curated programmes. They are known as Berlinale Spotlight. The World Cinema Fund (WCF) – the Berlin Film Festival’s funding initiative – will participate in Berlin’s Around the World in 14 Films Festival scheduled on …

Daily News Egypt

Tallinn Black Nights film festival announces 2018 focus programme: centenarians

Driven by Estonia’s 100th anniversary celebrations, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will focus on 12 countries that are celebrating their centenary this year, offering a rich retrospective with films made between 1958-1977. Europe’s map was radically changed at the end of the 1st World War, dissolving empires and creating new small nation states. Although …

Daily News Egypt