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PPF, nanoceramics guarantee time-defying vehicle: iPROTK founder - Daily News Egypt

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PPF, nanoceramics guarantee time-defying vehicle: iPROTK founder

Centre offers protection of high-value vehicles’ original paint 

Paint protection film (PPF) was created and developed by the United States military during the Vietnam War to protect heliucopter blades and other sensitive parts against shrapnel, explosions, and debris, thus it is sometimes called “helicopter tape”.

Then, a major company started applying PPF to cars, especially racing vehicles. So far, the United States is the largest PPF manufacturer and market. PPF reached the Middle East early this century. It first emerged in Dubai, then Kuwait and the Arab Gulf states. It began to expand widely in early 2014, and it continues to grow daily.

Besides the PPF of car bodies, there are other films to protect glass from scratching, and another material known as nanoceramic which gives a glare and shine to cars. In an interview with Daily News Egypt, Ahmed Al-Assad, founder and director of iPROTK centre—specialised in PPF and nanoceramic—discussed the benefits of these materials and how to use them to preserve cars.

Ahmed Al-Assad, founder and director of iPROTK centre—specialised in PPF and nanoceramic—
Ahmed Al-Assad, founder and director of iPROTK centre—specialised in PPF and nanoceramic—
(DNE Photo)

Can you explain how paint protection film is used?

The film is a thick transparent sticker designed to protect the exterior paint of any surface against scratches and bad weather.

This film can be applied to all external parts of a car. It can be removed and replaced if it is damaged by scratching. High-quality PPF does not harm the original paint of a car.

These films are not accessories as some may believe, but a very necessary part of cars, especially those of high value.
In Egypt, maintaining a car’s original paint is necessary to maintain its value.

The PPF reassures car owners while driving on the road, and protects their vehicles from accidental scratches by people while they are parked on the street.

Why should it be of high quality?

The PPF should be of high quality to protect the exterior of cars from damage and in order not to harm the car paint when removed.

Some poor types of PPF may cause serious damage to a car’s paint, because these types use bad adhesive that can harm the paint when removing the film.

How much does high-quality PPF cost?

It ranges between EGP 20,000 and EGP 25,000, depending to the size of the car.

Why it is expensive?

We import these films from the US so the dollar exchange rate determines the price. Before the flotation of the pound, the cost of covering a car with PPF was about EGP 10,000 only. Now, the dollar price is high, not to mention high customs, value added tax, and operating costs, including rent, labour wages, and electricity and water bills.

What about the glass protection films?

These films protect car glass from small particles that may harm it, which is very useful in the Egyptian environment, especially the desert areas.

How do you use nanoceramic in cars?

The nanoceramic material is different from PPF. It is a car-worn material that gives vehicles’ glass a glare and makes it easier for cleaning. However, it does not protect the car and cannot be used with PPF.

How much does it cost to cover a car with nanoceramic?

It costs about EGP 15,000 and takes two days to paint it on.

What are the biggest difficulties you face in this field? 

It is hard to find skilled technicians because our centre requires professional technicians to avoid losses and damages.

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