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Painting for self-expression and communication

“I feel like I connect better with myself through art, I never feel as focused and on point as I am when I am painting,” says Ashraf


Yasmina Ashraf is a young artist who dedicates every day to art. She spends countless hours locked up in a room in front of a plain canvas and letting her thoughts transform into patterns and colours.

The 22-year-old is living proof that the younger Egyptian generations are still focused on art, and that painting is a form of expression that is timeless. Ashraf is an elaborate advocate of expression through her art and narrating the inner thoughts of the younger generations.

Each painting reveals a new aspect of her personal life and the feelings of her acquaintances. Being based in Alexandria only adds authenticity to her works.

Yasmine Ashraf is young painter that believes in the power of art (Photo Handout)
Yasmine Ashraf is young painter that believes in the power of art
(Photo Handout)

Ashraf showcased her work in several exhibitions, where she shared not just her thoughts but worked on encouraging people to follow her lead and paint to ease any difficulty in life. She believes in the power of art and she dreams of featuring her work worldwide to get inspired and also inspire many people.

She lives in Alexandria and is a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Her goal has always been participating in exhibitions. She recently participated in several exhibitions in Cairo and Alexandria. “To me, art exhibitions are a great source of inspiration since they give you a window onto other people’s interpretations of art,” she said.

Daily News Egypt met the artist to learn more about her inspiration, techniques, and future plans.

Why did you start painting?

Growing up, I never thought that one day I would be painting something by myself. Even after I chose to major in art, I still was not sure of what I was going to do. Practicing and letting my feelings and thoughts run loose on canvas is what helped me became who I am today.

I am into art for several reasons, mainly because it is a great outlet for non-judgmental self-expression. I feel like I connect better with myself through art and never feel as focused and on point as I am when I am painting.

Everyone is creative and capable of practicing art. Not exploring our artistic sides does not necessarily mean that we are not capable of doing it.

What do you wish to communicate through your art?

I use my art as a method of communication with people, friends and strangers. Every painting has its own message. Some of my paintings help me express my anger, passion, and sometimes loneliness.

Tell us more about your techniques and the colour palletes that you prefer?

Each one of my paintings has its own mood and colours. Meanwhile, I use many techniques such as gelatine tempera, egg tempera, and gold leaf tempera. I also use oil and acrylic paints most of the time. I believe in unlimited palettes.

Who is your artistic idol and why?

My sister has always been my idol. Growing up, I have always been influenced by her talent. Her paintings have a great effect on me.

Does being located in Alexandria have any effect on your work or exposure?

I do not think that being located in Alexandria is a disadvantage. In fact, it brings out the best of me. I always get inspired by the local sites and landscapes. For example, drawing Alexandria’s museums is a big advantage of living here.

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