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United Bank to issue investors guide on Egyptian land: Germeen Amer

Plan for promoting investment opportunities in Egypt should be conducted

Head of Corporate Communications at the United Bank Germeen Amer believes that Egypt was able to achieve a number of successes in record time, which positively reflects on its image abroad.

She explained that the state afformed its seriousness in achieving the desired investment developmental boom through a number of steps. The most important step was implementing the New Suez Canal project, completing the Investment Law, as well as announcing the available opportunities for the real estate investments in the country, and the projects of investment in infrastructure.

In addition, it maximised benefits from the roads’ network, and allowed opportunities for the Egyptian and foreign investors through an ambitious investment plan.

Amer affirmed the importance of working on preparing and issuing a guide for investors, whether local or foreign, to inform them about the investment opportunities that are available to be implemented in Egypt, in accordance with the government’s investment and developmental plans.

She added that this guide can include the new Investment Law, the legislative amendments, and the facilities prepared for activating local and international investments.

It can also include the areas available for investment, and the competitive advantage of each area, in addition to the bodies the investor will deal with to obtain the required approvals, as well as data about the banks and the available facilities.

Amer explained that this guide can be activated through a specialised media entity, working as a mediator between all the concerned bodies, inside and outside Egypt. This entity can include workers in media and journalists, professors from the faculty of media and marketing studies, as well as professors of psychology and sociology, in addition to officials.

She added that a plan for promoting the investment opportunities proposed in Egypt, currently and in the future, should be conducted.

Amer explained that in terms of attracting foreign investments, road shows can be organised to attract Arab and international investments, as well as the investments of Egyptians working abroad. We can also make use of the Egyptian trade representation offices abroad to present the available investment opportunities, and present these opportunities to the trade representation offices of the different countries’ embassies in Egypt, as well as make use of the mutual trade delegations between Egypt and the different countries of the world.

Amer added that special programmes and media contributions can be conducted, including media coverage and continuous follow-up on projects implemented in Egypt. In addition, shedding light on the achievements and difficulties would give the foreign or Arab investor, as well as the Egyptians inside Egypt and abroad, confidence that there is work being carried out in reality, which gives more hope and confidence in Egypt’s future.

Moreover, conferences and investment events can be organised to attract and promote investments, as well as work with the related ministries to create a group of additional investment opportunities and outsourcing.

As for promoting investment for Egypt internally, Amer believes that we should work first on community awareness of the importance of investment. That can be done through an organised media campaign, including supporting people to keep pace with the upcoming developmental and investment renaissance.

Amer added that the youth should be encouraged to work in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as provide them with the ideas, studies, funding, and training, helping them market the product. Moreover, the industrial areas these new projects will take place in should be prepared.

As for the banks’ role in supporting the development and the Egyptian economy, Amer said that: “The banks play a very vital role in promoting and supporting the huge investment projects.”

She explained that banks offer the local and foreign investor the financial and banking tools and products that suit the nature of the investor and the project.

Moreover, the banks offer a number of products compliant with Sharia laws, due to the high demand on them by the Arab and Gulf’s investors.

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