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A Year in Review: The powers of Morsy versus the powers of SCAF - Daily News Egypt

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A Year in Review: The powers of Morsy versus the powers of SCAF

Daily News Egypt points out the similarities and differences between President Mohamed Morsy and the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

Legislative power:


–       The 13 February constitutional declaration gave SCAF legislative power.

–       It was transferred to the People’s Assembly after the parliamentary elections of 2011.

–       After the dissolution of the parliament, SCAF re-assumed legislative power.


–       When he assumed power, SCAF had legislative power.

–       On 12 August, he assumed legislative power by cancelling SCAF’s 17 June constitutional declaration.

–       After the adoption of the new constitution, legislative power was partially transferred to the Shura Council.


Executive power:

SCAF: The 13 February constitutional declaration gave SCAF the executive power, until Morsy assumed it after becoming the president.

Morsy: By winning the presidential race, Morsy became the head of the executive branch, responsible for appointing the prime minister and the cabinet of ministers and approving state’s annual budget.


Constituent Assembly formation:


–       The 17 June declaration gave SCAF the power to reform the Constituent Assembly if a court verdict dissolved it.

–       Morsy assumed this power by issuing the 12 August constitutional declaration.


–       Under the provisions of the 12 August constitutional declaration, Morsy had the power to reform the Constituent Assembly if it was dissolved by a court verdict.

–       However, the 8 December declaration stated that a directly elected Constituent Assembly would be formed if the draft constitution was rejected in 15 and 22 December referendum.


Decisions reviewed by the judiciary: 

SCAF: All declarations issued by SCAF were subject to judicial review.


–       The 21 November constitutional declaration stated that any decisions issued by Morsy are not subject to judicial review and cannot be appealed before any judicial body.

–      The 8 December declaration came to cancel the previous statement, but kept previous decisions taken by Morsy un-appealable


Appointing new prosecutor general:

SCAF: SCAF did not challenge the position of the prosecutor general.


–       The 21 November declared stated that former Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud would yield to retirement and Chancellor Talaa’t Abdallah was appointed the new prosecutor general.

–       The 8 December declaration kept Abdallah as prosecutor general.


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